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KOKAN Air Berry Harvester


KOKAN 500S is a towed behind harvester that efficiently harvests blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, black currents, haskap and other berries.

It uses pulsating air jets of controled velocity and frequency to shake plant bush and detaches the fruits, receive fruits with delayed free fall on catching system and remove dry leaves/twigs by intensive air stream.

KOKAN 500s provides an innovative, unique and proven Solution for Effective Harvesting of a wide range of soft , fruits including Raspberries, Haskaps, Blueberries, Blackberries and Black Currants.

Unlike other industry available harvesters, the mechanism of agitating fruit plants is essentially touchless, resulting in minimum fruit bruise and bush damage rate.

Employs industry proven and improved methods of detached fruit collection, transport and purification. Delayed free fall of detached and collected fruits is another inherent and distinctive design feature of KOKAN 500S, which provides further reduction in bruise rate.

Inherent application versatility is accomplished via simple and user friendly adjustment of machine operating parameters, such as independent adjustment of pulsating air jets velocity and frequency.


Advantages of Air Jet harvesting over mechanical harvesting

Mechanical berry harvesters with mechanical shaking technology with percussion system are represented on the world markets. With respect to mechanical shaking, KOKAN 500S offers air shaking and purification of fruits, which has many advantages:

  • Multi-functional harvester with friendly adjustment operating parameters for harvesting wide range of berry fruits including Blueberries, Raspberries, Blackberries, Black Currants and Haskap;

  • Selective harvesting – harvesting mature fruits only;

  • Capability of harvesting from the beginning of harvesting season, when there is a greater number of immature than ripe fruits;

  • Ability to harvest the same row from day to day without fear of trauma or damage to the plant;

  • Air Jet Technology with technology of soft berry drops (pneumatic pillows) allows mechanically blueberry harvesting for the fresh market at the level of manual harvesting quality.


     Advantages of Air Jet harvesting over manual picking

Today, picking berries in our country and in the world is mostly done manually, which requires considerable labor costs and prevents the rapid fruit harvesting. KOKAN 500S, in addition to more reliable and efficient harvesting, has other significant advantages over manual picking:

  • It replaces up to 200 pickers a day;

  • Meets Food Safety Standards (HACCP);

  • Increases yield in kilograms;

  • It prevents the onset and development of the disease;

  • It enables harvesting to be extended economically;

  • Reduces dry matter content by 50% over hand-picked fruits.




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