Cedar Creek Haskaps Bio

  • Owned & operated by Marvin & Karen Baerg

  • 30 years farming experience

  • Currently have 6 acres of producing haskap berries

  • Our berries are grown organically in a responsible manner

  • No spray used on berries – EVER!!!


  • Book your Haskap berries early 

  • All berries priced C$10/pound for fresh or frozen while quantities last

  • Blizzard variety is earliest with largest fruit.  Ready early July.  Medium brix (sugar) of approx 13.3%

  • Beast is approx 7-10 days later than Blizzard, slightly smaller berry with similar brix.

  • Beauty – the name says it all.  Similar in size to Beast but sweeter.  Average brix of 16.9%


  • All our varieties have similar health and nutraceutical qualities

  • Health benefits of haskaps.  Click here for some interesting reading.

Fruit comparison table
Haskap blossom
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